Welcome to Hotel Ridge



Hotel Ridge to be built in nature. A natural hot spring, the seasonal meal of chef careful selection ingredients and hearty hospitality O-MO-TE-NA-SHI. Just only for ten guest rooms. Enjoy good-quality relaxation.

Space among nature of Naruto of peace. Quiet luxurious time without the everyday noise. Please thoroughly enjoy the ocean view and have a nice stay.

It is 10 private oases of 4 Japanese-modern-style rooms and 6 Western-style rooms in total. We prepare for good-quality amenity in each room to have you spend calm comfortable time in the room that it fixed with a simple color.


Origin of the hotel name.

The meaning of RIDGE is "the back of the mountain, a ridge".

RIDGE is the name of "a famous winery of California".

The hotel named it in a meaning of two RIDGE.

The Seto Inland Sea to see in your front is the quiet sea.Spend luxurious time with Ridge Wine good-quality.Like time letting wine totally mature…We want you to spend such quiet and tranquil time in Hotel Ridge.


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