Hotel Ridge, which stands surrounded by nature, offers a 100% natural hot spring directly from the source, flavorful meals using seasonal ingredients, and warm hospitality.

    We have only 10 rooms available for our customers so that we can offer top-quality service.


    You can casually enjoy your meals while feeling the fresh breeze of the Seto Inland Sea.
    We have an abundant lineup of wines from the famous California Winery "Ridge Vineyards", whose products won first place in the 30th anniversary of the Judgment of Paris Tasting.
    However, the best treat in this restaurant is the view from the terrace.
    You can feel the breeze of the Naruto Strait, while looking down on the panoramic view of the blue sea.


    Brilliant blue ceilings and wall paintings and describing the life of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ adorn the chapel.

    Make an eternal pledge at the "Scrovegni Chapel", as hymns echo in the background.

    After the ceremony, the sound of the blessing bell and rain of flowers from the guests and general visitors will warmly embrace the couple at the ”Sistina Hall”.