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The Naruto Park Hills Is The Color of Ink.

Blue, purple, brown, charcoal, and burnt pine ink.
They are all slightly different shades of ink, which give them different expressions and emotions.
All represent Naruto Park Hils distinctive customer service, slighly different for each customer.

Facilities Commanding A View Of The Ocean That Takes On A Different Atmosphere With Each Season.

The view of the blue sea below, the breeze of the Seto Inland Sea.

Naruto Park Hills is a facility complex standing in the scenic Setonaikai National Park, which is richly endowed with nature.

In "Hotel Ridge", you can escape from the bustle of everyday life and spend quiet times, immersed in nature.
In the restaurant "California Table", you can casually enjoy meals while enjoying a breathtaking view.
In "The Spa" aesthetic salon, you can relax your mind and body, embraced in the nature of Naruto.
At the "Scrovegni Chapel", which creates a medieval atmosphere, you can make an eternal wedding pledge using the OTSUKA MUSEUM WEDDING service, offered to two couples each month.

In addition, you can enjoy the view of the Ocean of Naruto from all the facilities scattered across the vast site having an area of 7272.7 m2.

Enjoy relaxing time in harmony with nature and the four seasons, as well as the culture of Naruto.

Facility map

Facility map