You can casually enjoy your meals while feeling the fresh breeze of the Seto Inland Sea.

We have an abundant lineup of wines from the famous California winery "Ridge Vineyards", whose product won first place in the 30th anniversary of the Judgment of Paris Tasting.

The best treat in this restaurant is the view from the terrace.
You can feel the breeze of the Naruto Straits, while looking down on a panoramic view of the blue sea.

On weekends, you can enjoy dinner in a casual atmosphere.

Have a pleasant time with your family, friends, or significant others while enjoying creative dishes using seasonal ingredients from Naruto, Tokushima.

Lunch Hours

  • Van Gogh course: 3,240 yen (incl. consumption tax)

  • Vermeer course: 3,780 yen (incl. consumption tax)

  • Leonardo da Vinci course: 5,400 yen (incl. consumption tax)

*The photo shows an example of the course menu.

Light Meal & Café Time

*Enjoy a light meal and drink on the terrace, from which you can see a spectacular panoramic view of the Naruto Strait.

  • Afternoon Tea Set (for two): 1,944 yen (incl. consumption tax)

  • Cheeseburger Set (with drink): 1,944 yen (incl. consumption tax)

  • Ridge Geyserville

Dinner Hours

  • Dinner Course

*The photo shows an example of the course menu.