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Personal Information Protection Policy

"Naruto Park Hills" is deeply aware that personal information of our customers is an important part of privacy. We abide by the following policy concerning protection of personal information, and strive to appropriately use and protect it at all times. Through these activities, we abide by laws and regulations, as well as guidelines, concerning personal information, so as to live up to the expectation and trust of our customers.

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Purposes of Use of Personal Information

"Naruto Park Hills" only uses personal information of its customers for the following purposes.

  • - To confirm reservations and provide various services
  • - To provide information concerning "Naruto Park Hills" to customers
Acquisition of Personal Information

"Naruto Park Hills" acquires the personal information of its customers that is required for the above purposes through the following methods.

  • - Acquisition from the customers themselves via telephone or documents
  • - Acquisition from parties duly authorized to receive information from the customers themselves, such as service usage applicants, those who have recommended the facilities to the customer, or travel agencies
  • - Acquisition from public media, such as newspapers, the Internet, and telephone directories
Protection and Management of Personal Information
"Naruto Park Hills" strives to prevent the leakage, loss, alteration, and unauthorized access of personal information it receives from customers and to implement thorough safety management of such information.
Refusal of Provision of Personal Information
"Naruto Park Hills" does not force you to provide personal information. However, if a customer refuses to provide information such as his/her name, there is a possibility that "Naruto Park Hills" cannot provide some of its services to the customer, such as making a reservation for the customer.
Disclosure or Correction of Personal Information
In the case where there is a request from a customer to disclose, correct, or delete his/her personal information held by "Naruto Park Hills", it will promptly follow the request upon confirming the identify of the customer.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

"Naruto Park Hills" will not provide, disclose or share the personal information of its customers with third parties without approval by the customers, except in the following cases.

  • - When required to disclose the information by a public organization (police, courts, etc.)
  • - When "Naruto Park Hills" outsources business operations to a third party within an appropriate scope of use
  • - Other cases where there is an important and urgent need to disclose the information for the customers, "Naruto Park Hills", and the third party.

In the case where "Naruto Park Hills" provides or shares the personal information received from its customers with a third party in part or in full, a prior consent will be obtained from the customers.


For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following number.

TEL:088-688-1212(Hotel Ridge/California Table)