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Standing surrounded by nature, Hotel Ridge offers a 100% natural hot spring directly from the source, flavorful meals using seasonal ingredients, and warm hospitality.
We have only 10 rooms available for our customers, so that we can offer top-quality services.

A comfortable space surrounded by the nature of Naruto. At Hotel Ridge, you can experience the luxury of escaping the bustle of daily life and spend a quiet time while surrendering yourself to the flow of time.

Pleas enjoy the ocean view from the window and have an exquisite time.

California Table

  • Under the Ōnaruto Bridge that connects to Awaji Island lie the world's largest whirlpools.
    While watching the whirlpools under your feet, enjoy dishes of exceptional quality using fresh seasonal ingredients, paired with wine from the famous California "Ridge" Winery.

  • Enjoy great experiences such as weddings, banquets and parties at California Table.
    We can accommodate customer requests including special settings for anniversaries, birthday, etc.
    Please feel free to contact us.


  • "Banriso" is a dignified space that was built as a traditional Japanese restaurant.
    Enjoy a full course Japanese meal, from appetizer to dessert, in a room featuring a high-quality, elegant decor.
    Banriso is a private dining room that can only be used by Hotel Ridge customers.

  • The dining room used for breakfast is the old house of Takamichi Mitsui. It is an example of Japanese architecture of the Showa era, which was first relocated from Shibuya to Hakone and then relocated again to "Hotel Ridge" in Naruto in 2006.
    Enjoy your breakfast while also enjoying the soft light coming in through the glass doors.

The Spa

  • Enjoy the view of the Ōnaruto Bridge during the day, and relax your body and mind in natural hot springs in the evening.

  • "The Spa" is a hot spring that wells up from 1,500 m underground.
    It contains a lot of iron, and is said to be effective for treating fatigue. You can enjoy a quiet time for adults.